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From initial expenses to regular maintenance, having an overhead door can cost the average homeowner quite a bit of money over the course of its lifetime.

This is why plenty are often tempted to leave any necessary repairs their door may need till the last minute; this is never really a good idea, as neglect can only lead to further damage and inconvenience which, counterproductively, equates to extra spending.

The best way to “save money” on your overhead door is to ensure that it is well-maintained, and as any expert would suggest, we at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia recommend that you have yours seen by a licensed technician at least once a year.

So, if you’re looking for a garage door repair in Lansdale you won’t regret, know that our team of experienced and equipped professionals is right here to help you!

However, there is also another situation that many homeowners tend to put off dealing with due to its costs: replacement.

While this is a big and expensive task, when an overhead door is well past its prime and has begun to show evident symptoms of wear, tear, and breaking down, there comes a time when you can no longer deny that it just needs to go.

Here is a guide to help you find the answer to whether your garage door simply needs a fix, or a full on replacement.

Some indicators for repair

A garage door runs on an interconnected system of many components, each of which is essential and serves a specific purpose, but can also suffer conditions that require fixing from time to time.

One sign that something in your garage door needs attention could be noise; if it is producing sounds that are excessive or out of the ordinary, this likely means that something is out of order.

You may also want to monitor your safety sensors, there could be a problem with them if your door is having trouble with closing; because they are crucial to keeping a garage door from closing on anything that it shouldn’t be, to avoid any unsightly accidents, it is best to look into whatever might be interrupting your sensors from picking up on crucial signals.

Furthermore, if any components of your overhead door’s system (motor, cables, springs, panels, tracks, etc.) appear misaligned, imbalanced, or damaged in any way, keep additional troubles from manifesting by having them professionally fixed as soon as possible.

Reach out to us for your garage door repair in Lansdale!

Signs for replacement

If the previously tackled problems don’t seem to be enough to solve the worrying symptoms your garage door has been displaying, it may be time to prepare for a new garage door installation in Philadelphia.

Let’s say you’re noticing that your overhead door has been requiring more frequent repairs than normal, perhaps to the point you’re needing it serviced or doing mini DIY fixes on it multiple times a year.

Maybe it moves too slowly and no longer responds quickly to commands, this could very well mean that your door has simply aged too much to continue holding itself together for long periods of time.

Besides the fact that constantly having to repair your garage door is a time-consuming nuisance, it can also be expensive, and while a brand new garage door will undoubtedly cost a hefty sum as well, you at least get the convenience of less stress and smoother, updated functionality.

Age can be cruel to the best of us, and it’s no different with overhead doors; a garage door that has seen years and years of seasons, harsh conditions, and repetitive usage will inevitably show signs of wear and tear (in both appearance and performance) that can no longer be hidden by a mere garage door repair in Philadelphia.

All the signs and symptoms mentioned above are only an introduction to what you need to consider when trying to figure out what your garage door truly needs.

Trust ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia to give you the right advice on how to go about either repairing or replacing your old overhead door to bring a new wave of beauty and convenience to your property.

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