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On average, overhead doors are built to last for over a decade of regular use, but that doesn’t mean everything will be smooth sailing throughout that entire time.

The garage door system as a whole is meant to hold itself together for a good long while, but the various components that it is made up of will always be prone to little (or not so little) issues that will require repairs from time to time.

A faulty or malfunctioning garage door is not only an inconvenience, it poses numerous hazards and safety risks as well, which is why it is never a good idea to shrug off any strange symptoms that yours might be displaying.

If you’re looking for a garage door repair in Allentown, good old ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia is just a call away!

Our licensed team of professional, experienced technicians are meticulous about their duties and practice careful inspection so that no potential problems go unnoticed when the time comes to treat your overhead door.

On the other hand, if you’re unsure whether your garage door is in need of fixing and want to examine it yourself before getting in touch with a servicing company, here are some pointers to help you!

Broken torsion or extension springs

This is up there on the list of most risky overhead door issues to deal with; these components store high amounts of tension when the door is shut, and when time comes to open it, releasing that tension helps lift its weight off the ground.

When your door’s springs are damaged, you may experience trouble getting your door to come open–even more terrifying is the scenario of worn springs suddenly snapping whilst the door is open, causing it to slam its full weight shut regardless of what is in its way.

Repairing springs can be extremely dangerous when attempted by someone who has never been trained to handle them, so do consider giving ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia a call if you suspect something could be the matter with yours.

Garage door won’t open/close

This can be a tricky symptom as there are many different reasons that could be behind it, so unless you have some knowledge of garage doors, you might be better off getting professional help for your Garage door repair in Philadelphia.

To specify just a few possible reasons why your overhead door has trouble opening or closing: there may be something blocking its sensors; the door has shifted off track; its remote batteries need replacement; you could be having power source issues; your door’s limits are inaccurately set; or, your door may simply be locked.

Delayed responses

If your overhead door stalls before responding to opening or closing commands, you might be facing issues involving a number of components, such as the sensors, springs, tracks, and pulleys.

When the problem is not so big, you will likely be able to fix it with some lubrication and speed setting changes.

However, if your door has come off its track, has broken its hinges, springs, or cables, avoid DIY repairs at all costs and get in touch with us for a trustworthy garage door repair in Allentown.

Door has gone off track

This is another problem that can lead to rather dangerous accidents, such as your large and heavy door suddenly falling from where it is meant to be securely positioned.

An overhead door can shift off its track if you have faulty cables, damaged rollers, or general inaccuracies with your system’s alignment.

Damaged or broken panels

The panels on your overhead door can sustain dents or warping for numerous reasons, but whatever the case is, it’s bound to leave it unappealing and unsafe.

Damaged panels may struggle to cooperate with the controlled temperature inside your garage, certain functions may no longer run as smoothly, and even more things might start going downhill from there.

Broken panels are most likely going to need replacement, however, if something has happened to make you decide that it is time for your entire garage door to be switched out with a new one, we can help get you the garage door installation in Philadelphia you need.

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