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It’s not uncommon for an automatic garage door opener to act strangely from time to time, there are many different reasons that this can be so.

As soon as any problem with one’s overhead door becomes apparent, the next best step is to be smart and act upon it rather than delay and risk matters getting worse.

If your garage door seems to be unresponsive to the remote, refuses to open or close all the way, or is simply no longer working as you know it normally should, this could be a sign that your opener is in need of troubleshooting.

As a refresher, the overhead opener is a motorized device responsible for the door’s automatic opening and closing.

Fortunately, issues to do with this machine are usually not too big of a deal and can be fixed by any adequately handy homeowner.

We at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia (whom you can always count on for any professional garage door repair in Philadelphia) have come to know these problems well and encourage you to read through the following tips so that you can too.

Here’s how you can identify some of the most well-known problems that garage door openers face, as well as what you can do about them on your own before deciding to call for a garage door automatic opener repair.

Opening issues

Two potential causes behind your overhead door’s closing troubles include damaged rollers and inaccurately set limits.

The latter is a common reason behind garage doors that don’t close properly as well; a garage door has a limit for both opening and closing, when the limit that allows your door to open to the extent it needs to is improperly set, this will cause problems.

For example, if your limit is not set right, your door might only open halfway, on the other hand, if set back too far, you’ll be able to hear the motor still running even though your door is already fully open and no longer moving.

To correct this, you will want to grab your manual for model-specific instructions on how to adjust the “open” limit found on your garage door’s motor.

Once you’ve got the right instructions, you shouldn’t have trouble adjusting the open limit on your motor until your door opens exactly as it needs to.

Another thing to check could be your rollers; see if they need to be lubricated (if so, you can DIY this) or if there is any warping on the metal tracks (which you will probably need an ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia technician’s help for).

Closing issues

This often points to the same things that tend to cause problems with opening–bad rollers or incorrect limits–but your door’s photo-eye sensors could be the culprit too.

Again, with limits, find the manual for your garage door motor and push the “close” limit forward or back until it closes right where it’s meant to instead of continuing to push even after it’s closed, or only closing partially.

Of course, don’t forget to check the rollers, or your overhead door’s metal tracks which are prone to rust and other conditions that come with wear, making it difficult for the door to move smoothly.

It’s also possible that your garage door’s photo-eye sensors are detecting unnecessary objects in their way, or are simply misaligned.

Try wiping the lenses, realigning the sensors, and clearing any “distractions” in the door’s path that might be confusing the photo-eyes, and this will probably solve the matter.

Remote issues

Conversely, your remote itself could be the problem, as its batteries may have run out; replace them and see if this is the case.

Remember to always be close enough for the remote to actually work as you might also just be out of your motor’s range, making it difficult for it to pick up signals.

These tips only scratch the surface of what else could be going on, however, so if you feel that none of them are working and you may actually be in need of garage Door Automatic Opener Repair, or even Garage door installment in Philadelphia, don’t be afraid to give our skillful, licensed team a call!

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