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Some people enjoy the stimulation of a DIY task, while others would rather spare themselves the trouble and leave it up to someone who can manage it more efficiently.

When it comes to getting your overhead door maintenanced, you may be unsure as to whether spending money on professional servicing is worth it, or if it would be better to try and cut some costs by handling minor repairs on your own.

Well, the general truth of the matter is that it is always best to leave matters concerning this complex and bulky part of your home to licensed professionals who have actually gone through appropriate training for handling garage doors.

This is why ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia exists: to take on any garage door repair in Philadelphia our clients need, execute it with utmost precision, and produce satisfactory results every time!

As most experts in this field advise, getting your garage door seen and serviced by a licensed technician is a yearly necessity you should never skip.

An overhead door functions thanks to its many interconnected parts that are each vital to the entire system’s operation, and the unnoticed or neglected faultiness of one component can further deteriorate the door’s overall condition and risk disastrous incidents.

Still unsure as to whether you should pay for a garage door repair in Bethlehem or give it a shot yourself?

Read more to learn which repairs you can pull off on your own versus those that you’re better off trusting our team at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia with.

Do-it-yourself fixes:

While the safest option will always be to leave your overhead door in the hands of professionals, realistically, there will be instances where you would rather get the job done yourself.

Fortunately, quite a few repairs are safe for the average homeowner to attempt and accomplish without much hassle.

One quick fix you can easily manage is lubricating whichever components of your overhead door are showing signs of friction when in movement, like your rollers.

You can also tighten parts of your door’s hardware (such as nuts, bolts, and hinges) that have gone loose due to temperature-related expanding or contraction.

Moreover, if your garage door’s weather seal needs replacement, you’ll usually be able to tell once you notice sunlight beginning to peek through the bottom of your door, or if moisture and outdoor critters have begun to find their way in.

Simply look up what exact size and type of seal your door requires, purchase it from a local hardware shop, and follow the instructions to get it installed.

Changing the batteries on your door’s remote is perfectly doable as well; you may also benefit from making sure that your door’s safety sensors stay clean and aligned so they don’t interrupt the signals your door needs to pick up on in order to move.

Repairs for professionals:

As we’ve made clear, choosing a trusted technician for your garage door repair in Bethlehem is primarily the smartest option.

All the more so when you consider the fact that certain repairs require specialized tools/parts that are not easy to come by or obtain if you are not a licensed member of the industry.

Furthermore, a single rookie mistake could be fatal; a garage door that is “fixed” the wrong way can be just as hazardous as a faulty, neglected one.

Although some minor repairs can be accomplished without a professional’s help, we do hope you take our advice when we say you’d best leave the following problems up to a proper servicing company.

Specifically, issues concerning your overhead door’s tracks, opener, cables, drums, rollers, and springs can require rather meticulous and risky processes to get things back to normal.

Garage door replacement is a whole ‘nother task that no untrained individual should take on–it’s a good thing we offer garage door installation in Philadelphia too!

To keep yourself, those you live with, as well as your property and various belongings safe from any dangerous accidents that you will no doubt be exposed to by attempting any of these complicated tasks, reach out to us at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia and we will gladly handle your burdens for you!

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