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A garage can be quite a crucial component to a household that has one, and of course, to the residents of that home as well.

Meanwhile, the very parts that constitute the overall makeup of a garage door itself are just as important; whether big or small, every single component of an overhead door plays a necessary role in allowing for the optimal convenience and safety it is designed for.

To best ensure your garage door’s smooth and proper functioning remains uninterrupted, it is most ideal to have it looked at by a professional at least once every year for maintenance purposes.

By doing so, homeowners can rest assured that they aren’t delaying any necessary garage door repair or garage door installation services.

The need for garage door springs replacement, for example, is something that plenty of garage owners will overlook, or simply lack the knowledge to identify themselves–but that’s nothing that we at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia can’t handle!

Why are broken springs dangerous?

“Springs” may sound like a fun little word, but the springs that belong to an overhead door are responsible for a great deal of weight, as these particular pieces work to store tension as a garage door is closed, and release that tension upon its opening so that it may be lifted.

Thus, in reality, garage door springs are no lighthearted deal–in fact, when faulty, they can result in rather hazardous incidents.

Keep in mind that an average garage door weighs around 125 pounds, so all garage door springs are inevitably prone to fatigue after a certain amount of usage and exposure to various conditions.

The unexpected failure of an overhead door’s springs can cause expensive and unsightly damage to just about anything close by or in the door’s way, should it suddenly slam itself shut due to a sudden release of tension from the weakened springs.

Corrosion, rust, and general wear and tear can slowly but surely eat away at the condition of your garage door springs, affecting their performance and eventually posing risks to your safety.

This should explain perfectly well why leaving a garage door unchecked for years on end, let alone one, is simply not the brilliant money-saving tactic it may appear to be.

When do overhead door springs need replacing?

Besides getting professional garage door maintenance done every year, homeowners ought as well to mindfully carry out the periodical task of checking their springs themselves for any potentially concerning signs.

For starters, springs that make noticeable squeaking noises (an effect that comes with age) indicate that they may simply be in need of some greasing.

Treating squeakiness with lubrication should quickly restore the springs’ quietness and further delay the formation of rust on them.

For added peace of mind, it is vital that one’s garage door is equipped with safety cables that run through the springs and are attached to the ceiling/wall at each one’s end.

Any springs that are significantly worn, rusty, or frayed will need to be carefully switched out as soon as possible.

Overhead door springs are generally built to last some 10,000 cycles (an estimated 7 years, depending on usage), but that doesn’t mean you can turn a blind eye to them for that long.

Do well to remember that you might end up paying far more than you should ever have to when making up for any accidents brought on by a neglected garage door.

By staying on top of overall maintenance, you are doing yourself, your vehicles, belongings, and loved ones a favor by prioritizing wellbeing over cutting costs.

Trust our team with your needs.

Here at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia, we treat these matters with utmost professionalism, and are eager to provide our clients with services that leave them feeling satisfied and secure with their garage door’s functionality.

We know exactly what calls for a garage door springs replacement, and just as importantly, how to carry it out correctly.

Avoid and get rid of overhead door dilemmas by giving us a call right now, or any other day you might need us–from garage door repairs in Philadelphia to garage door installation in Philadelphia, we’ve got you!

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