Garage Door Jerks When Opening

Do you have problems because your garage door jerks when opening?

Don’t worry.

We can get to the bottom of that easily with the help of professionals.

This article seeks to provide knowledge to homeowners about garage doors.

Here are some of the causes and possible solutions for garage door jerks when opening dilemma:

How do Garage Doors Work?

Garage doors are more than just mechanisms that man the entrance to the garage.

They are a series of metal panels that are insulated, which are connected, and are riding on rollers on the tracks.

It has a spring system that allows it to be easy to operate.

This system is stretched and twisted once the operation starts.

Moreover, they store force in order for the door to be opened.

How do Automatic Garage Door Openers Work?

A garage door opener operates automatically by means of an electric motor.

It makes use of a series of gears to turn a belt, chain, or rod in order to draw the door either up or push it back down.

Problems with the Garage Door

If the garage door jerks when opening, it is a sign that there is something wrong with it.

Since the garage door is able to provide lifting force by means of the springs, it can wear and tear, which in turn causes issues.

Problems with the damaged rollers, weatherstripping, and damaged tracks can also arise.

To identify and solve the problem, it is recommended to do the following:

Look into the Rollers and Hines

One of the most common problems lies within the damaged rollers.

Hence, they should be looked into along with the hinges as well as the other hardware used for binding.

If there is a noticeable squeaking as the garage door opens or closes, then they might be the reason why the garage door jerks when opening.

With that, you will need to have the rollers replaced with hardware that matches the old one.

Ensure that the replacement is performed correctly, or else it can have an effect on the operation as well as the lifespan of the door.

If you are not sure how to do it, best call a garage door repair in Philadelphia.

Aside from the rollers, the hardware of the door might also be causing the jerk.

Hence, you will have to examine this hardware, such as the screws and hinges.

Clean the Tracks

Tracks usually absorb large crumbs or else get clogged with grease as well as dust.

Such dirt will have to be cleaned out.

Therefore, you must make a mix of vinegar and water then use it to wipe the tracks as well as the rollers.


The weatherstripping on your door may stick, which will make the door difficult to move.

This might be due to the painting of the door becoming dirty.

Simply clean and lubricate this weatherstripping.

Check the Garage Door Opener

The opener has a motor that is attached to a chain or a rod that enables it to be connected to the door.

If it is damaged, you will have to reach out to a professional.

If not, simply perform some lubrication.


The springs of the garage door are located most likely in the center or above the door.

Coiled springs are usually under an extreme amount of tension, especially whenever the door is lowered.

This is because they pull on rollers that coil a wire that is tethered to the rear end of the door.

Once these springs become worn out or damaged, the door will not open.

A worn-out spring can be what is causing the door to jerk.

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