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Philadelphia’s Commercial Garage Door Repair Service

While many homeowners will occasionally enjoy taking on the challenge of a DIY overhead door fix, the same cannot quite be done for a commercial garage door.

Yes, all garage doors are valuable in themselves, but it’s safe to say that the stakes are much higher when handling industrial garage doors as opposed to their everyday residential counterparts.

There is little room already for messing up when it comes to repairing one’s overhead door at home, so it makes perfect sense why on commercial territory, there is even less tolerance for mistakes of any kind.

To ensure the most satisfactory and efficiently executed results (and of course, mitigate the possibility of any unprofessional mishaps), it is essential for every commercial garage door repair to be carefully carried out by a licensed technician from a respectable servicing company.

So, if you’re wondering where to turn for quality garage door repair in Philadelphia, we recommend none other than our humble, yet proudly competent team of professionals here at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia.

We are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and practiced knowledge to restore your commercial overhead doors to prime working condition.

With that said, here is an introductory list featuring just some of the issues we can help you out with (feel free to contact us for further questions or concerns)!

Worn or dirty rollers

Rollers are essential to an overhead door’s smooth movement along the tracks, but it’s not unusual for them to become dirty over time as exposure allows debris to pack onto them.

Furthermore, they may simply lose quality with age and become subject to inevitable damage, rust, and the likes.

When its rollers are in bad shape, a garage door will tend to have trouble with opening/closing and may also make rather annoying noises as it moves.

Not to worry, as we are perfectly capable of giving your rollers whatever treatment they may require; whether it be lubrication or replacement, know that we’ll get it right at once!

Misaligned or dented tracks

A garage door’s metal tracks must be in good condition if the door is to run smoothly during opening and closing.

Any misalignment, damages, and warping on these components will interrupt the door’s movement and only worsen with time, and could even lead them to buckle eventually.

Trust ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia to give your commercial garage door tracks a good straightening out, along with any other repairs it might need–if it turns out they need replacement, you’ll get only the best.

Warped or aged panels & sections

This is another symptom that calls for commercial garage door repair; busy environments will inevitably expose parts of an overhead door to situations that can knock it out of shape and deteriorate its durability.

Panels that get dented ought to be switched out for new ones as soon as possible to avoid further misalignments in the door that could make way for added damage on the other components of its system.

In some cases, certain types of damage can only be dealt with through full replacement, which is why we also offer Garage door installation in Philadelphia!

Damaged springs

Well-maintained torsion springs are a must for every garage door out there as they are needed in the door’s lifting process, aiding the operator in bringing up the door’s bulky weight.

Although torsion springs are generally designed to last around 10,000 cycles–a perfectly decent amount of time for a residential door–commercial spaces in which a significant amount of activity is likely to take place will usually wear them down quicker.

Anyone who knows garage doors is aware of the danger of torsion spring failure; a garage door suddenly slamming down with full force with no mercy for anything in its way is not a sight anyone wants to see.

To keep this inconvenient, potentially fatal scenario at bay, stay on top of your commercial overhead doors’ maintenance and look out for the signs of worn springs.

Torsion springs should not be making squeaking noises, as this indicates either a need for replacement or lubrication, which is always best taken care of professionally due to the high amounts of pressure they store.

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