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Garage Door Opener Repair Service in Philadelphia

There are some garage door issues that are simply too complex or risky a task for the average, or even decently handy, homeowner to fix on their own–in such cases, ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia is your friend!.

However, when it comes to garage door opener repair, spending money on professional services is not always necessary, as on many occasions, issues tied to this convenient motorized device are not actually that serious.

So, if you’ve been suspecting that something could be the matter with your overhead door opener, you may be relieved to learn that you will probably be able to sort things out on your own without scrambling to call a servicing company.

Take a look at the following symptoms we’ve listed below each of which could indicate that your garage door opener is due for some DIY troubleshooting, and see if any of these solutions do the trick; best case scenario, they will without a hitch.

Even if they don’t, remember you can always count on us for any sort of Garage door repair in Philadelphia, or Garage door installation in Philadelphia you may need!

Incomplete closing or opening

Sometimes, an overhead door opens just fine but won’t close all the way, or vice versa; the reasons for this may point to your rollers/tracks, close-limit switch, or safety sensors.

For one, faulty or rusted rollers tend to interrupt a garage door’s movement along the tracks, or even stop it altogether, and other incidents can cause bending or shifts in the tracks themselves.

While the latter is a job better suited for licensed professionals, like ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia technicians, the former can be done away with by replacing the damaged rollers or simply lubricating rusty ones.

When it comes to an incorrectly set set-limit switch (the motor of your overhead door has set-limit switches which tell your door how far to go when opening/closing), you’ll need to adjust these settings if you find that your door doesn’t open or close all the way, or seems to bounce back up upon closing attempts.

To restore accurate settings, locate the set-limit switches on the motor and adjust either the open or close-limit, depending on which one your door has trouble with, until both door and motor stop once the door is fully open or closed.

Of course, your safety sensors could also be misaligned, so examine those too and realign them as needed.

It is also important for the sightlines between both electronic eyes on each side of your door track to be clear so that the door “knows” the coast is clear to close completely; ensure as well that there is no dirt blocking the sensors.

Door does not respond to remote

Provided that you aren’t simply too far out of range from the antenna that should be picking up on your remote (meaning, all you need do is lessen your distance from the door), this issue could be caused by a damaged or poorly positioned antenna.

You could also try replacing the batteries on your remote control, as they may have simply drained if your door still responds to the wall switch, or reprogram it.

Opener stops responding to both wall switch and remote

This symptom can almost always be traced down to some sort of power interruption, so to start with the quickest one to check, make sure that your motor unit is actually plugged into the outlet before looking elsewhere for the root of the problem.

If the door opener is plugged perfectly and still refuses to respond, it’s time to check your fuse, GFCI outlet, or circuit breaker as any of these may have burned out–this could especially be the case if different circuits and lights in your garage have stopped functioning too.

A burnt out fuse is in obvious need of replacement whilst a tripped GFCI means it, or the breaker, will have to be reset.

You could also be dealing with a short circuit somewhere in your system if your GFCI or circuit breaker is experiencing frequent tripping–if the opener motor itself is burned out, then you will definitely need to call for professional Garage Door Opener Repair.

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