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Garage Door Motor Repair Philadelphia

Your garage door motor grants you and your garage door system a wonderful feature of added convenience by operating as the device in charge of your door’s automatic opening and closing.

This motorized component is typically built to be hardy enough so that homeowners can enjoy the peace of having one without needing to stress about paying for frequent maintenance services.

However, a garage door opener is not immune to malfunction or wear, and time will come for it to act up or break down eventually.

The good news is that many issues surrounding this device are usually not too difficult for the average homeowner to fix, and those that are will never be too big of a challenge for any skilled ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia technician to handle.

Most problems are best dealt with as soon as possible, which is why it is important to be familiar with the sorts of signs that indicate you might be due for a garage door motor repair, or perhaps even replacement.

So, in order to help you stay on top of your overhead door opener’s care, we have prepared a number of symptoms for you to read through and keep in mind so that you know when it’s calling for your attention, or maybe a licensed servicing company’s.

Trouble with opening/closing

Your garage door motor might need troubleshooting if it refuses to open or close properly; if this seems to merely be a problem with your remote, make sure that its batteries have not simply drained first before attempting any other solutions.

In other cases, the door may have just become disconnected from the opener, and to reconnect them you’ll need only to manually close the door and press your remote’s close button.

However, if your overhead door only works from time to time but as a whole responds inconsistently (perhaps even dangerously opens or closes on its own), you could be facing problems with wiring, and this is best dealt with through professional garage door motor repair.

Furthermore, if you notice that your garage door moves in the reverse direction before it has even fully opened/closed, this could indicate a motor issue, but might also be an easily remedied confusion involving your photo-eye sensors.

Your overhead door’s safety sensors are designed to work when placed in positions where they are aligned with one another so that they can keep the door from closing if anything is detected in its way.

Clean off any debris or dirt that might be blocking your safety lens and clear away any objects that could be acting as distractions along your door’s path.

If this doesn’t do the trick, make sure the safety eyes are still aligned, as this could be interrupting their functioning and affecting your door’s behavior.

Strange noises

Now, for signs that tell of possible damage in a garage door, be sure to listen for any noises that are not among the normal noises your motor typically makes when it’s running (if your motor has become louder than usual, this counts for concern too).

If you are uncertain what’s causing these sounds, trust that we at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia will be able to tell exactly what they are and what to do about them, and the truth usually is that with strange or excessive noises, either repair or replacement is necessary.

Homeowners with models that aren’t up to date will probably experience louder noises from their motor as well; this isn’t necessarily a problem unless its performance has gone down too.

These are by no means the only signs of necessary garage door motor troubleshooting, repair, or replacement, however, and if none of these tips apply to your situation, it’s probably best for you to seek Garage door repair in Philadelphia from certified professionals.

With ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia, you can count on more than just reliable and legitimate repairs, as we happen to be a great choice for Garage door installation in Philadelphia too!

Our well-trained team is prepared to handle just about any overhead door service you may need, so get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure you’ll be glad you did!

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