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The cables on an overhead door, however minute they might seem in contrast to the whole system, are crucial to its smooth operation.

There are three main types of garage door cables: extension spring cables, torsion spring cables, and safety cables.

Extension spring cables are attached to, of course, extension springs which are fixed to a garage door’s bottom corners so that the springs are stretched upon the door’s closing.

Torsion spring cables, which are quite similarly fastened to the bottom corners of the overhead door, are what cause the torsion springs to wind up, as well as unwind to provide the energy needed to help open the door.

When such cables are faulty, the springs that rely on them to operate cannot unwind, which expectedly can result in the door refusing to lift.

Safety cables, on the other hand, can offer a great deal of relief by preventing excess damage in the sudden event of spring failure.

They are securely attached by the pulleys to the door track, and it is thanks to them that an overhead door can remain held up in the instance of springs breaking–otherwise, there would be the hazardous risk of the door slamming down with great force endangering anything in its way.

There’s no denying then that these cables, whatever kind they may be, ought to be recognized as integral components to a garage door’s overall functionality, but what does one do when they begin to doubt their cables’ reliability?

Signs of broken cables:

As licensed professionals, we at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia would suggest that, in general, if you are finding that your garage door has any issues at all with closing or opening, it’s best to take this as a sign to give your cables (or your garage door as a whole) a good check.

You may in particular want to examine the loop which attaches your cables to the lower bracket, situated at the bottom of both sides of your overhead door’s bottom panel.

These loops are what secure not only the cables, but also the spring system and drums to your garage door so that they can do their job.

If, upon inspection, you can see that the wires on your cables are beginning to fray, it’s definitely time to have them replaced if you want to steer clear of any future accidents and keep your overhead door from moving off track or sideways.

Other visible symptoms calling for garage door cable repair can include just about any telltale wear, corrosion, and rust; don’t forget to watch out for apparent signs of struggle, shaking, or squeaky noises as your door moves.

DIY or professional repair?

Since our team of skilled overhead door technicians at ASAP Garage Doors Philadelphia are never more than a call away, our primary recommendation for any garage door repair in Philadelphia will always be to reach out to professionals who are trained for the job.

Any reputable garage door service company will ensure that they properly diagnose your door with whatever procedure it may be in need of, execute the job with clean precision, and give you a run for your money–we offer garage door installation in Philadelphia as well!

By leaving your overhead door in the hands of our experienced professionals, rest assured that our work will reflect dedicated quality you can and will appreciate.

If you are in the midst of deciding whether to take on a garage door cable repair yourself, be fully aware that you will have to maintain an attentive presence of mind throughout the entire process.

There are great amounts of tension stored in the springs of a garage door, and it’s vital that you work as mindfully around them as possible as you fiddle about during your cable replacement, to protect yourself and your property from any injuries or further damage.

Follow every safety precaution necessary and do not overlook any risks; it’s best to wear protective gear, and make sure to fully close your garage door before getting busy.

Should you truly wish to carry out a DIY project for this task, with the right research, preparation, and carefulness, it is most definitely possible.

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