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In North Philadelphia, a well-functioning garage door is crucial for both residential and commercial properties. It’s necessary for the safety and security of your vehicle and property, but what do you do when you require garage door repair? This article delves into the cost associated with garage door repair services in North Philadelphia.

Cost of Common Garage Door Repairs

Garage door repair costs can greatly vary based on the type of repair needed. Here are some common repairs and their average costs.

1. Spring Repair

Most common of all, the garage door spring repair cost ranges between $100-$200. The springs counterbalance the door’s weight, and when they break, the door won’t move smoothly.

2. Cable Replacement

Garage door cable repair is also a frequent need. If your cables have frayed or snapped, the cost to replace them generally falls in the range of $150-$200.

3. Track Adjustment/Replacement

If your door isn’t moving smoothly, it may be due to garage door track problems. This repair can cost anywhere from $125 to $150.

4. Opener Repair

A broken garage door opener can be a real hassle. The cost for this type of repair usually falls between $150-$300.

Here’s a snapshot of these costs:

Repair TypeCost Range
Spring Repair$100-$200
Cable Replacement$150-$200
Track Adjustment/Replacement$125-$150
Opener Repair$150-$300

It’s important to note that these are only estimates. The exact cost will depend on the extent of the damage and the service provider you choose.

Why Choose The ASAP Company

When you’re faced with garage door troubles, it’s essential to select a reliable and reputable service provider. So, why should you choose us for your garage door repair needs?

  • 24/7 Service: We offer 24-hour garage door repair service because we understand that emergencies can occur at any time.
  • Affordable Pricing: Our affordable garage door repair service is designed to meet your needs without breaking your budget.
  • Experienced Technicians: Our team is trained to handle a wide range of repairs, from simple tune-ups to complex issues.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We aim to deliver a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a garage door repair cost in North Philadelphia?

The cost can vary based on the type of repair. Small repairs can cost as low as $85, while more complex repairs or replacements can exceed $800. Check out our Garage Door Repairs FAQ for more information.

Is it worth repairing my garage door or should I replace it?

This decision depends on the age and condition of your garage door. In many cases, a garage door tune-up or specific part replacement is more cost-effective than replacing the entire door.

How do I know if my garage door spring is broken?

If your garage door isn’t opening or closing properly, or if it’s making unusual noises, you may have a broken spring. Our garage door spring installation guide provides more details.

What is included in a garage door tune-up?

A garage door tune-up usually includes lubricating moving parts, tightening bolts and screws, checking the door balance, and adjusting the spring tension if needed. Check out this garage door maintenance checklist for more details.

In conclusion, garage door repair service costs can vary based on several factors. However, it’s essential to choose a reliable and affordable service provider to ensure quality work. We hope that this guide helps you in making an informed decision. For any other queries or garage door repair needs, feel free to contact us at ASAP Garage Doors.

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