How To Open A Stuck Garage Door From The Outside

Like any other human, we do not know when and what will happen in the future.

Disasters and inconveniences can arise at any time and at any place.

This can be said especially for your garage door.

There are some unexpected things that might happen which we have to be prepared for, such as a power outage.

Inconveniences such as garage door malfunction of the motor can also happen, which will require us to open the garage door manually.

Whether you are opening it from inside or outside, what you have to avoid is breaking the door itself in the effort of getting the vehicle out.

Therefore, it is recommended that you learn as well as understand how to open a stuck garage door from the outside on your own.

Or, the best course of action would be to reach out to a garage door repair in Philadelphia.

Handling a garage door on your own can be a bit dangerous.

To guide you, however, here are some steps that you need to follow on how to open a stuck garage door from the outside:

How To Open Garage Door From Outside

When the situation arises and you do not have any access to the garage as you are outside or at home, then you learn how to open a stuck garage door from the outside.

It is recommended that you have a key for an emergency release that should be installed on the door.

Once it has been installed, simply follow these steps:

First, find the emergency key release that is located outside of the garage door and put the key into the lock.

The next step is to move the key and then pull out the lock tumbler.

Once that has been removed, a cord can be noticed on the tumbler hole.

Pull this cord for the motor to be disabled.

Next, lift the door fully up.

It must not fall back down for your safety.

Lastly, connect the emergency key release as well as the motor.

Finally, put the tumbler of the lock back to the hole then lock it once more using its key.

How to Reconnect the Garage Door Motor

Once the power is back on, you will have to reconnect the garage door opener once again.

It is one of the finishing touches of how to open a stuck garage door from the outside.

To make sure that you perform the proper re-engaging of the mechanism, you must adhere to the following instructions:

First,  ensure that the garage door has been closed.

Second, pull down the red release cord that is in red on the motor.

Third, push the door manually and do so until you feel that it has been connected once more.

How to Open the Door From Outside With The Opener

You can also open the door manually from outside by means of the automatic opener.

There are some instances where this chore is a very simple one for most people who know how to handle it.

You can do this by finding the red release cold and then turning the key, and opening the door.

Whether you are opening or closing the garage manually from inside or outside, it does not really matter.

The point is, the re-engaging of the motor of the garage door should always be done once the power has been restored.

In order to reconnect the door, simply pull the same red release cord once more and then open the door using your hands.

Once that has been done, simply release the latch that is affixed to the rail connector.

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