How to adjust garage door springs? Step by Step Guide

how to adjust garage door springs

Your garage door is one of the most frequently used mechanisms in your home. Therefore, proper maintenance is critical. Specifically, adjusting the garage door springs ensures smooth, safe, and effective operation. Today, we’ll delve into how to adjust these essential components.

Types of Garage Door Springs and Their Differences

Garage door springs come in two primary types: Torsion Springs and Extension Springs. They differ in their operation, installation, lifespan, and cost.

TypeOperationInstallationLifespan (in cycles)Cost
Torsion SpringsUse torque to lift the garage doorMounted above the door15,000 – 20,000$60 – $100 per spring
Extension SpringsExtend and contract to lift the doorMounted on the door sides5,000 – 7,000$30 – $50 per spring

Torsion Springs are durable and provide better balance. This makes them suitable for heavy, wide doors. However, they are costlier than their counterparts.

On the other hand, Extension Springs are cost-effective and ideal for lighter garage doors. But, they require more parts, which means more points of potential failure.

DIY Vs. Professional Repair: Pros and Cons

When your garage door springs need adjusting, you may consider doing it yourself or hiring a professional. Each choice has its benefits and drawbacks.

DIY Repair


  • Cost-saving: No labor costs involved.
  • Learning Experience: You gain hands-on experience and learn more about your garage door.


  • Risky: Mistakes can lead to injuries and property damage.
  • Time-consuming: If you’re not familiar with the task, it may take longer than expected.

Professional Repair


  • Expertise: Professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle the job efficiently.
  • Safety: Experts know how to avoid potential dangers associated with spring adjustment.


  • Costs: You’ll need to pay for the professional’s labor.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer a professional’s touch, consider safety first. If you’re unsure, we recommend hiring a professional to handle the garage door spring repair.

Why Choose Us?

At ASAP Garage Doors, we value your safety and satisfaction above all else. Our team is equipped with the right knowledge, experience, and tools to handle any garage door issue. We offer 24-hour garage door repair in Philadelphia, ensuring we’re available when you need us most. With our affordable pricing, quality workmanship, and commitment to customer service, you can trust us with your garage door needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace just one garage door spring?

Yes, you can. But, if one spring has broken, the other isn’t far behind. Hence, professionals recommend replacing both springs at once for better balance and operation.

How often should garage door springs be replaced?

Garage door springs have a lifespan measured in cycles (one open and close sequence equals one cycle). After reaching their cycle limit (15,000 – 20,000 for Torsion springs and 5,000 – 7,000 for Extension springs), they need replacement.

How do I know if my garage door springs are bad?

Common signs include a heavy garage door, door not opening all the way, or loud noises when operating. It’s best to get a professional garage door tune-up to identify issues early.

Are all garage door springs the same?

No. Springs differ in type (torsion vs extension), length, diameter, and wire size. It’s crucial to use the right springs for your specific door for safe and efficient operation.

In Conclusion

Adjusting garage door springs is a necessary aspect of maintenance. Whether you opt for a DIY approach or choose to bring in professionals, understanding the differences between spring types, their operation, and repair costs is essential. Our team at ASAP Garage Doors is here to help with any issues you might encounter, offering efficient, safe, and affordable garage door repair in Philadelphia. Don’t let garage door troubles slow you down. Contact us today to ensure a smoothly functioning garage door.

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