How to adjust garage door springs? Step by Step Guide

how to adjust garage door springs

The purpose of a garage door spring is to manage the weight of the garage door. It also provides smoothness in the opening and closing of the door. If your spring is not perfectly working, then it will affect the working of your garage door. So, it is important to keep the opening and closing of the door smooth. There are different types of garage doors and all doors have different types of springs. If your door springs are showing resistance, then you should consult with professionals and solve this issue. So, here in this article, I will tell you how to adjust garage door springs. I will share some best and most unique solutions with you.

Steps for adjusting garage door springs


1-Recognize the size of the springs:

The first step in the adjustment of the garage door spring is to recognize the size of the springs of your doors. Different types of doors have different types of springs. Before the adjustment of your springs, you should determine the kind of your springs. Torsion springs are more dangerous than meddling with them. So you should call a professional.

2-Determine Torsion Springs:

Torsion springs are usually installed above the garage door. It is usually along a metal shaft that runs parallel to the top of the door. This type of mechanism is usually for that type of door that is 10 feet wide.

3-Understanding of the problem:

Improper adjustment of your garage door springs can cause many problems. It can affect the smoothness of your door, as well as the opening and closing of your garage door. So, it is better to understand the problem first before calling a professional.

4-Plan a Solution:

After determining the problem with your garage door springs, make a plan for a solution. So, what kind of trick you will apply to fix your garage door springs? If your door is not opening and closing smoothly then you should adjust the torsion of your garage door.

5-Collect your tools:

Now you need to collect the tools that you think will need to adjust the springs. Also, use oil or grease to make your door opening smooth. The rods or bars should be 18 to 24 inches in length. Solid or steel bars can be purchased at hardware stores. You will also need to measure the diameter of the winding cone. So, you need to arrange a tool for measuring a diameter.

6-Testing of your doors:

The final step is testing your doors. After the complete adjustment of your garage door springs, check it properly whether it is working smoothly or not. If it is working smoothly and there is no torsion in the garage door spring, then your adjustment is perfect. But if it is still showing some resistance during the opening and closing, then apply a few drops of oil or grease.

Final Thoughts:

In this whole article, I have tried to tell you how to adjust garage door springs. Read the whole article. I hope this will be helpful for you. Garage door springs play a very important role in the opening and closing. So, you need proper adjustment of your doors.

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