How To Adjust Garage Door Cables

Things in the home can go haywire without warning.

Appliances, for the most part, are favorites when it comes to malfunctions.

As man-made technologies, they can have parts that can go amiss every once in a while.

These parts, in turn, require adjustments, repairs, or replacements.

Given that, homeowners must take action before the whole mechanism itself sink into disrepair.

Garage doors are no stranger to that.

As a mechanism with a complicated system, they have components that can either hit or miss for a period of time.

Garage door cables, for instance, assume a vital role in the overall workings of garage doors.

They work together with garage springs to distribute the weight when these doors are opened and closed.

Should they become damaged or loose, springs wouldn’t be able to loosen up, and as such, would leave a garage door entirely incapable of functioning the way it should.

With that in mind, this article seeks to provide homeowners with the knowledge necessary to make adjustments to their garage door cables.

Remember, however, that is best to leave the work to the professionals for best results.

Here are some steps on how to adjust garage door cables:

Step 1: Getting the door ready.

Before beginning the task, it is important to prepare the door first.

This includes disconnecting the opener and switching it to manual operation.

In order to do this, simply pull on the rope that is located and attached to the opener of the garage door.

Afterward, make sure that the action results in the release of the opener from the drive chain.

After the door is closed, it can be noticed that the tension springs that are responsible for the pulling of the door upwards have become taught.

In order to adjust and fix the cables of the garage door, you should first release the springs and their tension by manually lifting the garage door.

While in the process of such, disconnect the electricity connected to the opener of the garage door for automatic ones. Accidents involving electricity may happen while on the job.

Step 2: Safty first!

Get a pair of c-clamps for the job.

Then, attach these to the track of the door located below the roller, the one that is in close proximity to the foot of the door.

The door might crash down on you while in the middle of the job.

As a precaution, the c-clamps will ensure that the door will not fall.

Step 3: Disengage the cord.

The cord should be disconnected before you work on the garage door.

The cable that should be disconnected is located around the frame of the garage door on top of the doorway.

You can see that one of its ends is coiled around the rollers, while the other is compressed to the clip or the hook, which is used to secure it against the frame that is close to the doorway.

Then, find the frame that has holes patched in it.

Afterward, simply disconnect its wire and reconnect it again using one of the holes so as not to loosen the wire.

Step 4: Make the adjustments.

After you have performed the steps above, adjust the cable bracket afterward.

During this step, you will need to use some pliers should there be excess slack found on the cable.

Furthermore, you can use these pliers to unfasten the bracket that is holding the wire to connect it to the hook where it is attached to the door’s frame.

Pull the wiring of the cable by means of the bracket so as to fasten it.

You can then reattach the wire towards the frame of the door through its hook.

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