How to replace garage door rollers?

how to replace garage door rollers

Garage door rollers, also known as “wheels,” guide your overhead door up and down the horizontal and vertical track system. Rollers are available in a variety of materials, sizes, and prices. In any given situation, each type of roller serves a specific purpose. When purchasing a new set of rollers, it is critical to determine the type of roller you require for your door. Here in this article, I will tell you how to replace garage door rollers.

Replacement of garage door rollers

Cables, springs, hinges, tracks, rollers, and other moving parts comprise your garage door system. If any of these components is damaged or fails, your door may become inoperable. Roller replacement can help provide a smoother and quieter operation. We recommend entrusting the repair of bent, broken, or malfunctioning rollers to a trained professional. Replacing a faulty or broken garage door roller necessitates the use of specialized tools and equipment, as well as the expertise of an experienced professional. The homeowner can replace garage door rollers, but it is not recommended due to the dangers of working on a live track system and dealing with electricity. Having an experienced professional replace your rollers will ensure that your garage door is safe and secure, allowing you to use it as much as possible.

Types of Garage door rollers:

Usually, there are three types of garage door rollers:

  • Plastic Rollers
  • Steel Rollers
  • Nylon Rollers

Plastic Rollers

This roller is popular due to its low cost. The roller is made of plastic, and there are no ball bearings in the stem. As expected, these rollers have the shortest lifespan and will need to be replaced more frequently.

Steel Rollers

This type of roller will provide smoother operation. Ball bearings provide a lubrication point to reduce friction and maintain smooth and quiet operation. The steel roller rubbing against the steel track will still make some noise.

Nylon Rollers

This type of roller will outlast its steel counterpart while operating more quietly. As the rollers travel along the steel track, the ball-bearing nylon roller is made of heavy-duty nylon to prevent wear and tear while providing a quiet experience and reducing stress on your automatic opener. The exposed bearings serve as a lubrication point, resulting in a longer life expectancy.

Problems with garage door rollers

When your garage door rollers are defective, they will not be able to support the weight of your garage door or its contents very well. If one or more of these fails to function properly, it can cause a slew of issues with how smooth and operable your garage door is. For example, if your garage door is heavy and has worn rollers, it will not open or close properly. This can cause issues with the parts of your track designed to guide the weight of the door. If this occurs on either one or both sides at the same time, you must act quickly to resolve the issue before it worsens.

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